Lightning Fast Web Technology

Here at Whitebolt you have to be passionate about latest web technology. Our in-house server delivers uses the latest in server side development practices to deliver enterprise ready solutions to our clients.

So, how do we do that?

Bolt Server

 Website + E-mails + Hosting

Sounds quite standard? Well, Bolt Server combines these services together on the server to enable us to build fully integrated web solutions. No longer do you need to master complex server administration panels, your website will take care of literally everything. And we host your solution on our hardware to provide maximum flexibility to run your software exactly as needed!


In our understanding, websites need to be good looking, super fast, ultra responsive and most importantly relevant to your business. We build solutions from the ground up aiming to achieve all of these goals.

We combine widely used but extremely customisable platforms: NodeJS, MongoDB, Angular, Foundation

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E-mail accounts

E-mails are massive part of online communication, our mailservers are securely managed by the webserver that runs your website, therefore your inboxes and distribution lists can be managed through your solution.

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Our servers are set up to host complex internet solutions that require high level of integration. We make sure your solution runs smoothly and securely, providing you the resources you need.

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