About Us

Whitebolt was founded in April 2015, by two super geeks bored in their current jobs. Taking all of our built expertise over more than 40yrs of combined development we founded Whitebolt.


Stephen Simpson – Director

Stephen, started programming on his older brother’s hand-down computer when he was just 10yr old. The computer was a Commadore 16 and the programming language was Basic. Over the years he moved on to Atari ST, Amiga, Windows PC and then onto Mobile Phones and Linux Servers. Years of programming on many different platforms from challenging to latest technology has made him a programming language polyglot, able to turn his hand to any programming task.

He spent more than 10yrs developing on the Lotus Notes platform. This was a particularly challenging environment , trying to offer up-to-date solutions on a dated platform. He is very proud that he made Lotus Notes do no-end of things that it was not designed to do! 13yrs of Lotus Notes development has made him an expert in NoSQL solutions such as MongoDb.

Stephen, is a Javascript specialist and expert on both server and client. He can build both Web Applications and entire servers in Javascript.


Kris Allikas – Director

Kris, is originally from Estonia where programming is taught in school just like Maths and English is taught in the UK. However, he did not need to be forced to programme as this was already his natural gift and enthusiasm.

Before moving to the UK, Kris pioneered a successful startup in Estonia. Before selling the company to move-on to new things they were serving more than 100 client systems.

Kris along with his Business partner had developed an ASP website solution, which allowed them to rapidly build sites and online applications. The core of the solution was written in compiled code so it was super fast compared to other solutions at the time. Whilst the technology is now old, many of the original clients still use this solution as it is still super fast and rapid to develop on.

Moving to the UK he chose to set up a new startup (Whitebolt Ltd) and build a new server solution with all of the genius of the old platform but using the latest technology.