Software Development

Our team has decades of experience in multiple languages and platforms. We have the experience and expertise, whether it be:

  • Windows, Linux, or Apple;
  • PHP, NodeJs or C#;
  • MySQL, MongoDb or SQLServer;

Contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Why out-sourcing to India?

If you need a mess fixing that was created in India or are looking for people who speak your language then look no further than Whitebolt. We know some Indian companies are awesome but the truth is many are not.

Whitebolt is based in the UK and offers quality service. We have experience fixing code that was outsourced, so give us a call.

Need a bespoke solution?

If you a looking for a bespoke CRM / ERP, tailored to your needs, look no further.  We find that the off-the-shelf solutions rarely work for small companies.  We can build custom-built software, which works for your business processes.

Software upgrade?

Do you need some already custom-made application upgrading with a new feature or streamlining for a new work-flow.  Whitebolt is ready to dig into your code and build new features.

WordPress Plugin?

Need your own WordPress Plugin because the one from the store does not have that vital feature.  Let the experts build you a custom made plugin.

NodeJs / Angular?

We are the NodeJs / Javascript geeks. There really isn’t much we cannot do with Node or Angular! Whatever you need, contact us because we are confident we can deliver.